About NPP

NPP is part of the LGBT group and is working to develop and manufacture specialized cabinets and machine clothing. More companies in several industries seem to recognize the purpose and cost benefits of customized special cabinets and machine clothing.

Customers are mainly found in Scandinavia. They work primarily with manufacturing applications, products and services in sectors such as marine, transportation, construction  industry och broadband. Through our customers’ products our cabinets are used worldwide.

Our business is built on solid team work in close connection to the customer, through a number of overlapping phases from pre-studies/design to optimization and logistics. Characteristic of the whole process is that it is imbued with a holistic and thorough understanding of each customer’s specific needs. With this quality assured methodology, a well invested production and the associated coating ability customized whole cabinet solutions that create profitability for both parties.


Turnover: 75 million
Number of employees: 45
Manufacturing area: 10 000 sqm
Headquarters and manufacturing: Nässjö


NPP will be the customers’ first choice for special cabinets.

Business concept

NPP will meet the customers’ needs for special enclosures from design to delivery in a professional and efficient manner.

Why NPP?

  • Long experience in complex enclosures
  • A flexible partner through the whole process
  • Design per your demands
  • Prototypes
  • Made in Sweden
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • You´ll receive an off-the-shelf product, ready for installation
  • Designed per IP code if needed
  • Flexible logistics